Well the Best just seem to get Better..!! It’s never been more true than with the For Mustang Shelby GT 500. More horsepower than a Ford GT…that’s right…more than the new GT. WOW..!!The new 5.2 liter V-8 from Ford produces 760 hp and 625 ft. pounds of torque. This should just about get you to the alter on time…..

Power is transferred to the 3:73 posi rear end in a carbon fiber drive shaft, which is supposed to reduce or eliminate vibration and shaft expansion. It’s now hi-tech automatic transmissions that will do all the shifting for you. A state-of-the art Tremec 7 speed auto is the transmission that comes in the car. But it is faster than a manual transmission. So fast that it will take you from 0-100 mph and back down again to a full stop in just 10.6 seconds. Now that’s fast….

The transmission shifts gears in just 80 milliseconds….very quick and it adjusts its personality with each driving mode you choose in the computer. It’s all very noticeable to even the average driver. It makes the driving experience rally different and much more satisfying…

The 5.2 liter engine is new and improved with a new Root’s Supercharger located in the center of the engine for better balance and a lower center of Gravity. Prices will start at about $70,000 plus options and delivery. You can order yours now..!! So what are you waiting for..????

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