For 2020 Ford revised the GT again….This time there’s a new Black Carbon Fiber Edition…that is very sleek and sexy….It’s a lightweight street legal race car for sure…and it will scoot. There is no paint anywhere on the skin of the car. It’s all “Carbon Fiber” sealed with a clear coat layer to protect it. This allows you to see all the fibers that make up the  panels. A good idea and different.

The 2020 version is powered by the Ford Eco-Boost V-6 engine with 13 more horsepower than last years. It’s lighter too, by skimming weight in many places..such s the exhaust system. It now has Titanium lug nuts and exhaust, which saves weight. The Carbon Black Edition is well…”Black”. But the Heritage Edition is also back. With the familiar Blue and Orange Gulf paint scheme…it looks updated and refreshed with the new #6 this year. It refers back to the 1968-69 Le Mans win by Jacky Ickx in the then Ford GT40.

The new GT is a winner for sure…But get in line now if you ant one….This is the biginning of the end which comes in 2022…No matter what type of vehicle you are after….New GT of any other New or Used Car,Truck or SUV….Better Call a friend in the car business…with Bob @ 503-643-4585 or Click….you’ll find a “Better Way to Buy Any Car!”