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2019 Bullitt Mustang Is The “King of Cool”!!!

It’s 1968 , the movie “Bullitt” has just been released. You go down to the theater, where you probably had to wait an hour to get in…buy your ticket and watch one of the most action packed car chase sequences ever filmed. Steve McQueen, drives into history, with his original 1968 Highland green Mustang. And he does do much of the driving….that’s the way Steve was. The scene with the black ’68 Charger is unforgettable. Flying over the hill-tops of San Francisco….I have driven everyone of the streets they filmed on….pretty amazing!!

Many of the features on the original car were adapted for on board cameras, sound and better braking and handling. The back seat was actually removed on one of the Mustangs (there were two used in the movie), so the camera could be in the back filming the action…

Today…You can attempt to re-create the same thrill in your very own 2019 “Bullitt” Mustang from Ford. It’s a monster of a machine and Ford really outdid themselves on this one. Fabulous sound from the exhaust gets you going with the turn of the key….or should I say the push of a button. Then put her in gear, with the close ratio 6-speed and let out the clutch, make sure you’ve got all your policies up to date. Now you’re ready to roll….The car has 19″ Torque Trust wheels, 480 hp and enough torque to launch a star ship…..it will get the job done….because Ford pulled out all the stops on this one!! Whether you’re driving or parked….the car is “Beauty in Motion”.

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