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2018 Acura TLX is Sportier, Boulder and has Better Performance….

Yes you’ve waited for this moment for several years…and it’s finally come. The new 2018 TLX SH-AWD, A-Spec is here. It’s a long name for…but it is somewhat better than the former model it replaces. The “Beak” in the grill is gone. The electronic power steering is back. The V-6 engine is still the same one as last year making 390 hp. But you will feel a difference behind the wheel of this new version.

The all-wheel drive system is excellent. It takes corners flat and fast. The AWD system has been improved to help you stay in control at all times. The styling is greatly improved and the creature comforts are in for your approval. Heated and cooled seats are standard on this model…as well as virtually every current safety feature. Blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control and accident avoidance are all in the A-Spec.

The new 9-speed transmission is a little slow to react. An unfortunate characteristic in a “Sporty” car. The fuel economy is behind the competition as well. 23 0ver-all, with a City number of 20 or less. Not a mark that I would have expected from this manufacturer. If you want it all…the Tech Package is the way to go…about $45,750.00 is your price..well equipped.

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