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Federal Bailout Tax Credit misses Oregon

The big federal stimulus train is leaving the station with-out Oregon, again.  Congress has been discussing tax credits to individuals that purchased a NEW vehicle “Made in America”. Lots of ideas surfaced. Originally some thought the credit might go as high as $15,000. But in the final analysis the number was reduced to only $1500.

But wait, at the eleventh hour one of the Senators decided to change the number again. The thought was to make the tax credit equal to the sales tax an individual would pay on the car in their home state!!     Oh NO!    Oregon has no sales tax!   So guess how much your tax credit will be on a new car purchased here??  $ZERO$. At a time when the government is willing to spend so much money on HELP…Oregon, Montana, Nevada and Alaska will get none.

One bright spot…if you are going to buy a new Toyota Prius Hybrid…Now’s the time. They are about $3,000-$4,000 less now than they were last May. And you still get a $750 tax credit from Oregon and a $750 tax credit from the feds, next year on your taxes.

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