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Cash for Clunker’s Is Here!!! Officially on July 24th…But you can make plans now!!!

Under a new Federal government program called “Car Allowance Rebate Program”, you can get up to $4500 in an instant rebate voucher, when buying a new car.  Any new car, truck or SUV qualifies as long as it meets the increased gas mileage requirements And was produced within the last 25 years.

The combined mileage on your present vehicle must be 18 miles per gallon or less. Then based on charts showing the intended car or truck you want to purchase, you must increase at least 4 miles per gallon on a car and 2 miles per gallon on a truck to qualify for the $3500 voucher.

If the car you want gets 10 more miles per gallon, than your existing or the truck gets 5 more miles per gallon than your existing…you will qualify for  a $4500 voucher. This voucher is the same as an instant rebate. It comes right off the bottom line of the price. You don’t wait for a check and you don’t wait for next years tax return. It’s NOW.  In fact the program will run out on November 30th, 2009 or …when 1 Billion dollars in vouchers have been cashed!!

If you are thinking about buying a new car…any make or model…NOW’s the time!!! You get a big bonus from Uncle Sam and you also get the manufacturer’s rebate (if any) TOO!!!

If you have a “Clunker” that you have owned, registered and insured for the last 365 continuous days ( 1 Year)…you may qualify for one of the biggest federal rebates…EVER!

If you have questions…call or click Bob Bonnell @ Vehicle Buyer’s Service…An Auto broker for all makes and models at 503-643-4585 or email me: Bob@vehiclebuyersservice.com

Best Regards,
Bob Bonnell
Vehicle Buyer’s Service

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