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2017 Civic is a Winner..!!

The Honda Civic has long been a very practical, safe and fuel efficient car….but it has always been a little short on styling. Well not any more…the NEW 2017 Civic has been re-styled in the image of a new fashion model. It’s bold lines and curves now set it apart from the crowd of also…

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2017 Prius Prime is a New Name…But is it Better??????

The 2017 Prius Prime is the new replacement for the Prius Plug-in. The plug in managed 14 miles on one battery charge. The NEW Prius Prime goes a whopping 25 miles on one plug-in..??? What am I missing here??? Is this the stuff that headlines are made of??? I guess so. Remember…Toyota is the company…

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Honda Hatch-Back is a Great Re-Design…For 2017

Honda has created a very roomy new 2-door ¬†hatchback for 2017. It has been 12 years since Honda had a 2-door, and this new version seems to have hit the mark…perfectly. It’s actually 4 inches shorter than the sedan…but has the same cubic feet of space inside…nice work Honda. The styling is all new…some would…

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Sales of Cross-Overs is Skyrocketing…Up 34% This Year….

Cross-overs accounted for 33.9% of all vehicle sales the first quarter of 2017. 1.4 million out of 4 million total sales. It’s incredible how the segment is taking over. Everyone buying a car now wants a mini SUV…not a sedan or coupe car. The segment has grown 58% since 2012. There is no other phenomenon…

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Jeep Compass is all New For 2017…!!

There actually are two jeep Compass’ for 2017…but one of them is the old body, a 2016 in reality. It is called an Altitude. It will be less money…but a lot less car. You should pick the new body version which is known as the Latitude or Trail Hawk. This is a great new version…

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The Chevy Bolt is Out of the Gate at Discount Prices..!!

The roll-out of the Chevy Bolt came first in California, Oregon and New York. It has been met with demand…but at a discounted price. The California dealers now have it discounted #3000 below MSRP. and the battle continues. Most dealers don’t really care for the idea of alternative vehicles. They have sold gas and diesel…

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2017 Ford Raptor Is Rough and Tough…

The Ford Raptor F-150 has been redone for 2017, It’s debut in 2010 gave Ford a Champion off-Road truck. Since then, the truck is now 500 pounds lighter, uses a new 450 HP Eco-Boost V-6 engine and has a lot more bang for the buck. Ironically…it sits higher and wider than the rest of the…

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Do Your research…Before You Buy…!!

It’s important in life to research many things before you buy them. Stocks that you may be considering have many facets to them. You need to dig in and find out as much as you can about each company, ETF or Mutual Fund that you can. It’s no different in car buying…do your research. The…

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