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The 2019 Chrysler 300S is the Best Luxury Car on the Road..!!

If you’re looking for a “World Class” sedan. With plenty of class, styling and power…you’ll find it in the 2019 Chrysler 300S. The V-6 is very good…but of course the Hemi is one big, bad powerful engine. 485 Factory Horses can’t be wrong. It comes with all the modern safety and comfort options. At $50,000…

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Dodge Debuts Stars and Stripes Addition of the Charger and Challenger…!!

Dodge Division of FCA, Inc has the largest number of active and retired Military buyers of all Manufacturers. A pretty amazing feat..considering this honor had gone to GM for many decades…..to celebrate…Dodge is coming out with a “Stars and Stripes” version of both the Charger and Challenger. It will be available to order in June…

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Was a New Ford Bronco in 1966… A Good Investment Today..??

If you bought a new Ford Bronco , right off the showroom floor in 1966,,,you would have paid approximately $2480.00. About the average price of a car then. It was brand new to the market and did quite well in sales. Ford made a few hundred thousand of them before it was killed in the…

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Car Theft is a Very Big Problem in America…

Car theft is on the rise in America…partly because of “New Technology”. There are now electronic, hand held devices that can decode your car’s keyless entry system and gain entrance by disarming the alarm and unlocking the door. This makes it very easy to steel the contents, the car or both. Of course the Honda…

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April is “National Car Care Month”…!!

With Winter officially behind us…..Thank goodness…we can focus once again on the great outdoors. And what better way to do this, than in your car..!! But before you go…check a few things and make sure your service is up to date. The most important thing a car owner can do…”Is regular maintenance”..!! So here’s a…

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Should You Repair Your Car or Buy Another One…????

Transportation to and from everywhere is one o f the oldest problems to mankind….We all need to get somewhere when we want to…and riding the bus or taking Uber is not always the most appealing option for us. Most of us still want our own car…and ownership has it’s price. You must maintain the vehicle…

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New Ford Explorers May have Carbon Monoxide in the Cabin..!!

According to a Bloomberg Report…the new Ford Explorers may be causing carbon monoxide sickness inside the car. There have been several reports of dizziness, fatigue and sickness reported by driver’s of the new Explorer. Too many drivers are reporting the same symptoms to be a coincidence. There may be a problem with the exhaust system…

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