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The Volvo 200 Series was a Giant…for a Few Years..!!

Officially…from 1978 to 1993 , the Volvo 200 series was a major player in the US car market.  The real peak years being about 1984 thru 1990. At that time, every Mother’s son had to have a Volvo….accent on the Mom’s of the Country…..it was primarily motivated by the  “Safety” features that made Volvo famous. …

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New 2020 Shelby Mustang GT 500 is the Best Mustang …Ever!!

The NEW 2020 Ford Mustang GT 500 is the best Mustang ever. It’s equipped with a 5.2 litre engine making a proported 750 hp…!! Wow what a difference a decade makes. It’s incredible to think that you can buy one of these beasts off the shelf. This used to be the stuff of racing machines…

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The Whole Country’s Gone SUV Crazy..!!

By now I’m sure you have herd, that Ford and Volvo and other manufacturer’s have announced the end of most of their sedan production in 3 years in favor of SUV’s. Volvo even went a step further and said all gasoline engine production will cease and they will only make electric powered vehicles..!! Wow..!! what’s…

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When to Act…if Your “Check Engine Light” Comes On…!!

There’s nothing more bothersome, troubling or immediate than seeing that the “check engine light” has come on in the dash. It instantly makes your stomach sink and your mind race….what could it be..???? Well, the good news is, that most of the time….it’s really nothing serious. The car usually continues to run just fine and…

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The Worst Luxury Cars in America…!!

An article in the Bend Bulletin yesterday, was quick to point out the faults of three very expensive luxury cars….the only problem is….the list is considerably longer than just three…. but we’ll save that for another day. According to the Bulletin….the Audi S4 (A4 with Sport upgrade) , the Lexus LC500 and the Volante from…

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Tis’ The Season to be Jolly….!!! HO ! HO! HO!

There’s no better time than the present to get a “Real Deal” on any New car, truck or SUV…The manufacturers ALL have great rebates and discounts on virtually everything. GM has been advertising “Employee” pricing. Thousands of dollars are waiting for you to collect. Chrysler has a “Race to the Finish” sale. And if you’ve…

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Now is the Time to Take Advantage of Great Discounts..!!

It’s the end of the year…and every dealer and manufacturer wants to sell you a Christmas present. Or at least …clear out the remaining 2018 inventory. Well…here’s the deal. If there is a nice rebate or discount being offered by the ..Manufacturer..then take advantage of it. Any discount-rebate from the maker of the car is…

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A New Hybrid Vehicle can be a Bargin Right Now…!!

With the price of gas at far lower levels than 2 years ago…it makes sense to buy a Hybrid and save thousands of dollars in the process…..Here’s how it works. Hybrids are a good way to save fuel on gas mileage…sepecially on SUV’s. So now that the price of fuel is down and the price…

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Driverless Cars Could Replace you…Yes They Could..!!

We all see the commercials on TV for the self-parking and driverless cars…but most of us laugh and say it will never take over. We further say that most won’t pay for or can not afford to buy those accessories. In fact most people probably don’t even want this technology to succeed..??? well maybe yes…

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