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April is “National Car Care Month”…!!

With Winter officially behind us…..Thank goodness…we can focus once again on the great outdoors. And what better way to do this, than in your car..!! But before you go…check a few things and make sure your service is up to date. The most important thing a car owner can do…”Is regular maintenance”..!! So here’s a…

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Should You Repair Your Car or Buy Another One…????

Transportation to and from everywhere is one o f the oldest problems to mankind….We all need to get somewhere when we want to…and riding the bus or taking Uber is not always the most appealing option for us. Most of us still want our own car…and ownership has it’s price. You must maintain the vehicle…

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New Ford Explorers May have Carbon Monoxide in the Cabin..!!

According to a Bloomberg Report…the new Ford Explorers may be causing carbon monoxide sickness inside the car. There have been several reports of dizziness, fatigue and sickness reported by driver’s of the new Explorer. Too many drivers are reporting the same symptoms to be a coincidence. There may be a problem with the exhaust system…

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Night Vision for the Masses…It could Save Your Life.

Driving at night is more dangerous than during the day. Your field of forward vision is usually limited to about 160 feet even with the high beams on. As other cars approach, of course you must use the low beams, which reveal even less on the road ahead. So Night Vision has a product which…

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The Seattle Viaduct…is Coming Down…!

Well…it’s true…the London Bridge, no I mean the Seattle Alaska Way Viaduct is coming down after almost 70 years…. I drove this parkway-freeway many times back in the ’90’s. It was narrow and rather tedious…but it served a great purpose. Get people from one end of Seattle to the other… quickly and without stopping. But…

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NEW 2019 Toyota C-HR is Nice but Average…..

When Toyota killed Scion…it took a couple of years to replace it….this is the model. It looks like a Subaru Crosstrek….same size. But there is NO AWD availability. This will definitely hold down sales. Most people want AWD or 4-wheel drive now. Especially in their Crossover or SUV. It’s really not an option any more.…

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Chrysler’s Minivan…. That Almost Wasn’t….!!

The “Minivan” became a household word during the eighties and nineties for virtually every American Family. It was one of those marvelous inventions whose time had come. For 20 years ….it was the “King of the Road”. And all because …it would fit in our garage. One evening, in 1978, one of the Chrysler Product…

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Pontiac May be Gone…But Joseph Bros. Pontiac is Still Here..!!

So in 2010….GM cancelled Pontiac’s ticket and wiped them off the face of the earth…..almost. Herb Joseph, who started Joseph’s Garage (Pontiac) way back in 1928…had another idea. He wasn’t quite ready to through in the towel just yet. The two grandson’s, Art jr. and John, are the third generation Family member’s that decided to…

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2019 Bullitt Mustang Is The “King of Cool”!!!

It’s 1968 , the movie “Bullitt” has just been released. You go down to the theater, where you probably had to wait an hour to get in…buy your ticket and watch one of the most action packed car chase sequences ever filmed. Steve McQueen, drives into history, with his original 1968 Highland green Mustang. And…

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