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I’ve had the opportunity to buy two cars through Bob Bonnell

Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to buy two cars through Bob Bonnell.
Before working with Bob, I bought cars like most people probably did. Even if I knew what I wanted, I had to visit two to three dealers and go through their arduous negotiating process, getting shuffled from salesman to sales manager to finance manager, back and forth for hours as they tried to put deals together I didn’t like.

Using confusion and misdirection like a professional magician. I’d finally buy, but not before walking out on at least two dealers with the salesman screaming as I left, “Wait, let me check again with my sales manager.”.

With Bob, it’s 1…2…3.

I tell him the car I want, he finds it and we test-drive it. If I like it, he gets the price from the fleet manager, we coordinate the financing and we’re DONE.

No hassle.

No wasted time.

No headache.

It’s a great way to buy a car.

Thanks, Bob.

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