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"We Find and Negotiate the Price on ANY vehicle.... from Aston Martin to Volkswagen, We are YOUR Personal Auto Shopper !!"

Buying a vehicle through Bob at Vehicle Buyer’s Service was the easiest vehicle purchase…

Buying a vehicle through Bob at  Vehicle Buyer’s Service was the easiest vehicle purchase my husband and I have ever experienced!
We knew what we wanted, called Bob and asked him to look for a Highlander for us. Bob called back in an about an hour with a list of colors and options available on highlanders in our area.

We chose the one that sounded like it would suite us best and the Fleet manager from the dealership drove it over to my office so I could look it over.

Bob negotiated the price, we approved it, and the paperwork was prepared and waiting for us at the dealership.

We went in at our convenience to sign the papers, get the keys and drive away in our “my” shiny new Highlander. My husband was amazed at how simple it was. I know I’ll never buy a vehicle the old fashioned way ever again!

Holly Moss

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