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Volvo Announces That it will Add an Electric Motor to Power All Cars Made After 2019

Volvo has announced that it will add an electric motor to every gas powered car sold beginning in 2019. It will add 5 new Electric- electric Hybrid vehicles by 2022. Pretty aggressive for a little old Sweedish Company…Problem is…it’s isn’t Sweedish anymore. It was purchased by the Chinese about 5 years ago. It might stop making gas powered cars altogether…..who knows. At this point…most of the press release is just rhetoric. Maybe it will happen…maybe it won’t. The announcement came just hours before Tesla announced it’s New Model 3 production would begin soon.

Automotive News Editor Keith Crain, says the move is awfully Smart or really Dumb….It probably wasn’t an announcement at all. It was a ploy to upstage Tesla. Yes France did announce last week that no gasoline powered vehicles will be sold in their country after 2040. OK…that’s great…but the French economy is not a stand alone one…like the US. It does need other countries products too. it may soften it’s approach. If not…it will be a different world in France for sure…but may not one you want to live in..???

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