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Takata Airbag Files for Bankruptcy Protection…KeySafety Will Buy In…

Takata is bankrupt, and the sirbag situation may now spiral out of control even further. Key Safety Co. is buying much of Takata….but NOT the airbag Division. Key wants the seatbelt Division. The unaccounted for liability left by Takata for replacement inflators in recalled airbags is still 10 Billion dollars….at least. So how will all this happen.

Takata says it will manufacture through 2020. OK…but what then..?? This recall started in 2008…believe it or not…..and over half of the replacements are still needed. It will never completely resolve itself. Of course by this point Takata and everyone else connected with the recall hope that the cars effected will be so old they will come off the road by attrition…Great. NO fix.

A Federal Law proposed a year ago came very close to requiring all car dealers to fix recalls before a used car can be sold..!! Remember VW is stuck with all the unsold brand new TDi diesel cars that were in the massive recall on EPA fuel economy cheating. If the law included used cars….millions would be stranded. Anyone owning one now would be prohibited from re-selling it. Not too good.

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