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The Road to The Future of Automobile Power-trains…. is Very Uncertain….

For the last 10 years or so….many automakers…lead by Toyota…. have focused on Hybrid-Electric vehicles and then all- electric vehicles and then…Plug-in Electric vehicles. It was all so very forward looking, that the manufacturers forgot to ask the public is they really needed and liked All-Electric Cars???? The public has spoken, most recently with the price of gas stabilizing and even receding. They love their gas powered cars. Even diesel is getting a cold shoulder now.

At a gathering of ¬†auto executives last week in Traverse City, Mich. the word was…”Be Very Cautious” on what you invest in. The subject was power-trains.. and the verdict was…the gas powered engine has a very bright and long future. All electric cars are not selling…Hybrids are not selling…diesel is not selling. Even the good old gas engine cars are selling at a far lower rate this year than last. Sales have fallen every month this year. We are now on track to sell only about 15.8 million new cars rather than the 17.9 lat year. Sales of new are down 7 percent and all auto sales are down a whopping 15 percent….this year!!!

The word is be very careful with your investment dollars….the future is very uncertain…and people are far from convinced about electric and self-driving autos. Even the Federal EPA wants more information from manufacturers about meeting the 50.8 mpg by 2025.

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