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All New 2018 Subaru Crosstrek is Bigger and Better….!!

The new Subaru Crosstrek, was always just a little bit small for many buyers. In fact the number one reason for selling a Crosstrek was that it was too small. And most of the sales came within the first year…well forget about that problem now. Subaru just increased the length and interior room considerably. It now stands at 175.5 inches long…just 8 inches shorter than a Chevy Equinox!!¬† WOW! Even better…the new Crosstrek now sets the standard for safety features in a small SUV. It is well equipped with adaptive¬† cruise control,front collision alert, autonomous braking forward and back, lane departure, back-up camera, blind spot monitoring and cross traffic alert. Wew! That’s a lot of standard equipment.

Your son or daughter will love the feel and handling of this Subaru…and that’s a good thing, when you set them loose on the open highway…New, the Crosstrek will set you back about $22,795.00 with automatic transmission. All the connectivity is there for you and the offspring as well. Iphone, music and lots of other features will please all generations. Subaru has also returned to simple dial controls instead of making you find everything on a touch screen. And the last bit of good news is the Crosstrek is rated at 27 City and 33 Highway, mpg. It’s pretty much got it all for you. And the savings will just keep on coming!

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