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New 2012 Civic takes a Hit in Overall Satisfaction!

The “New” Honda Civic has taken quite a hit from Consumer Report’s Top 12 Compact car recommendations for 2012. The Civic came in second to last. Only the new Jetta was below it. Since the Japanese earthquake, both Honda and Toyota have been scrambling to maintain market share. Many models from both makers are made in the quake zone. So dealers are missing a lot of vehicles from their current inventories. No cars …No sales. And that’s what’s happened. Honda was down more than 25% in July this year over last. Toyota was down significantly as well. But unfortunately, just when Honda needed a real boost in moral…the folks at Consumer Reports said the new Civic just isn’t what it used to be.The report sites a less agile, more road noise vehicle using lower quality materials on the interior. Oh and forget the ride…it’s like a speed bump in the road. Wooooh now. If you’re after a Civic or any other car, truck or SUV, you better call 503-643-4585 or Click Bob @ BestCardealinTown.com. You will find… “A Better Way to Buy Any Car”.

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