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My Tire Pressure Monitoring light is on….What do I do..??

If the tire pressure monitoring light comes on…get to the nearest place that has an air pump and check all the tires for the correct inflation. The TPMS as it’s called, is a saftey device designed to tell you when one of the tires on the car is low on air pressure. Important tip: !!  It includes the spare tire too…in the trunk or down under the back of the car. If you check all the tires on the ground…and the light does not go off…you must then check the spare tire. If you fill the to the correct amount and the light still does not go off…you must take it to your favorite service technician and have them check the tire pressure monitors themselves.

This may involve removing each tire until the bad sensor is found. Some cars will tell you which tire is low on air/malfunctioning. This is a great time saver. If a sensor is found to be bad, which usually means the tiny battery inside it is dead…then you must replace the sensor which is the entire valve stem. There’s nothing else you can do. Until the sensor is found and corrected…the TPMS light will NOT go off. It’s always wise to check tire pressure…especially this time of year, when low pressure (cloudy weather) is upon us. This causes a natural loss of air in any tire. Be safe and keep up the maintenance on your tires.

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