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Manufacturers Are Ramping Up The Driverless Car Technology…

Today ALL manufacturers are rapidly moving toward the opening day of Driverless car sales. Tesla just sent me their new video of their driverless car. It looks impressive….but at what cost. Do you really want ot buy and be in a car that will not require you to drive??? Maybe you do….but it will cost you. Add 50-75% to the cost of a driver less car if you want to be one of the first ones to own it. That’s  lot of money. Will most people say it’s too much?? Yes…they will.

So how do we move from the human driver today to driver less tomorrow…?? Over time….my guess is about 10 -15 years from now…the driver less car will be affordable…but who really knows. If we have a recession or some world catastrophy or war…the period of delivery to the public will increase. I want nothing to do with them. In fact I won’t have to worry about selling one…but the guys who do….watch out for the lawsuits. A recent article said that the accident rate will be in the 15-20% ratio and that the accidents will be horrific…You want some of that?? Neither do I. The technology is coming….get ready.

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