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Lease an Exotic Car Rather Than Buy IT…..Makes Sense…Maybe?

You can lease any vehicle you want…new of course. But most people never think about leasing an expensive Exotic car. They can be hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy ..but far less to lease. The secret of leasing some of these is that many of them can actually ..Appreciate..in value..rather than the traditional depreciation. If this is true and you can make the monthly payment…then go for it.

This scenario is a bit unrealistic..I admit. because on some the Porsche GT cars that were $350.000…the payment was $4,000 a month…mot your average car deal. But Some of those cars appreciated into $500,000 cars. So at the end of your lease you had a pretty good equity statement…It’s probably for someone who really has the money to buy …but doesn’t want to part with it up front. It’s rather interesting to think about.

If you are planning on leasing  ANY…New Car, Truck or SUV…No matter what make or model….Better Call 503-643-4585 or Click Bob @ BestCarDealinTown.com…You’ll find “A Better Way To Buy Any Car!”

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