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Ford’s F-150 Raptor is Back After a Two Year Absence

Ford’s F-150 Raptor is back….500 pounds lighter ,due to it’s now completely aluminum body. It’s huge, and is 7 feet wide….that’s right. Making it difficult to park and hard to navigate on City streets. It also has a very long crew cab version which makes it even harder to park in the average lot.

The truck is built for off-road use….It is civilized to some extent in the City, but it’s happiest away from the crowd. Remember it’s only going to get about 15 miles per gallon in the City. And it may not even make that… The other thing to consider…. is the aluminum body. I just attended a discussion on the repair of same…..it’s three times as expensive to do it. Even if the insurance company is paying…your premiums are probably going to be significantly higher. The bed won’t stand much stress either. If your going to use it hard, It will dent or possibly even fail….depending on what use you have it in.

All the regular power and safety features are available. The engine is a twin turbo V-6 engine with a 10 speed transmission. The price…..$60,490.00   Scares me just to type that in…..this one may be better left on the shelf.

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