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Ford Revives the Ford GT For 2018….It’s a Beast..!!

Ford first re-made the Ford GT back in 2005…it had a suggested price of $139,995.00. I remember seeing one in the showroom of a Ford dealer. I couldn’t believe the car would ever be a classic….Now…they easily bring $225,000 and up at Barrett-Jackson Auctions. So just when you thought it was safe to forget about it….it’s back again!!

In 2017 Ford remade their iconic race car once again. Now with a 647 hp V-6 it’s faster than ever. The car is virtually impossible to drive at low speeds around town. It just wants to go. Naturally ….it’s a street legal race car. But when you get her up to speed…70 mph and above…watch out. Now you’ve got something. It moves lightning fast anywhere you want her to go at higher speeds. The handling through the corners is incredible. It’s loud…you can’t hear the radio…It has no cup holders…sorry Starbucks….the visibility is near zero from any angle, but it is a monster….and that’s the point.

It’s going to set you back just a little….like another house payment. Base price is $450,000.00 but don’t expect to get one for less than $505,000.00. In fact that’s just the MSRP…your price will be at least $100,000 over that. But if you can afford it…you’ll have something no one else has. Only 1000 will be made over the next 5 years. Maybe it will be in the next James Bond movie….we’ll wait and see.

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