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Ford All But Abandons the Great American Automobile….

Ford has decided that the car is DEAD….that’s right….you won’t be able to buy a Ford Focus, Fusion Fiesta or possible even a Taurus after 2022. It’s their idea of creating higher profits by selling only SUV style cars. Now I don’t know about you….but unless I’m mistaken….there are still a lot of “CARS” on the road. Not all of them are 20 years old either. The answer to this riddle lies in one simple move by Ford. They fired their CEO last year and replaced him with…..a “Bean Counter”. Enough said. This might be the kiss of death for Ford….you never know.

By killing everything but the Mustang in two years Ford will leave itself tremendously vulnerable to the swings in the buyer’s mood and oil prices. The one thing that Detroit has really never timed right …is trying to match what they make to the price of oil. This will be no exception. And will people be in love with SUV’s for the rest of time???? I think not. Ford will make 40% of it’s production electric….so far that hasn’t worked out for any auto manufacturer. In fact…true all electric cars can’t be given away right now. And that’s been true for the last 3 years…..

Well, if anyone in the big Blue office ever wondered why their stock is in the tank…..wonder no more….stupid decisions like this one can easily coast you your company…and in 4 years…the entire world could change once again….and it probably will.

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