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When Buying an EV Vehicle….The Only Thing That Really Counts is Range…!!

The manufacturers are doing everything they can to show you great “Mileage” in an Electric Vehicle (EV). But you know ….that is not the way to look at the abilities of an EV. Remember the mileage calculation ws devised for gas burning cars….NOT EV’s. The conversion chart…or whatever they call it…is pretty much…slight of hand. When considering an electric vehicle…just look at the range in miles, hours or kilometers. This is your benchmark.

To kid yourself into some 234 mpg equation….well, it’s not logical. And the last time I looked…electricity is all you have to operate on….nothing else. The range on all EV’s is improving…although it may be somewhat slow to increase….it is getting better. But manufacturers are also growing a little weary of the battle. Some of the vehicles…such as the Leaf from Nissan, have really improved very little. The only way to really own one of these is the second or third year…used ONLY. They depreciate about 80% the first year. Just check the used car ads…..

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