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There May be Shortages Again in the Used Car and Truck Market….

The new and used car markets have been pretty strong…most of the year. But the third quarter did show some slowing and possible downturn. In fact both GM and Ford are predicting a lot less sales during this 4th quarter than originally planned. Gm shows a reduction of 16% and Ford a 23% decline. Rather…

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Ford Will End US Car Production With the New Plant in Mexico

Well now we know the rest of the story….Donald Trump has been criticizing Ford for it’s Huge new plant that will open in Mexico. Well guess why….it takes with it the last production of cars and sedans from America!! Are you kidding me…the company that started it all….leaves the US for Foreign soil.  UNBELIEVEABLE. You…

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Apple Gives up On Self Driving Car…Almost!!

Apple has just fired or re-assigned 1000 employees from their auto division…elsewhere. The few that are left, have until the end of next year to make good on a viable design for a self-driving auto. A spokesman for the company says that management disagreements over direction of the project…doomed it to to failure.  Steve Zadesky,…

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GM takes Aim At Volkswagen Diesel Customers

Now that Volkswagen is in the process of settling claims with customers and dealers, GM is going to jump into the diesel market…big time. It’s gong to cost VW well over 3 Billion dollars to get out of the mess they made for themselves…yes lying did have a penalty here. In fact VW lost the…

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Cadillac Management is Killing the Brand…and it May Not Survive…

For whatever reason…Cadillac Division…thru it’s management…is doing some things almost to crazy to imagine. They are insisting on more facitity upgrades for the very smallest dealers. Costs that in most cases are prohibitive, when considering the number of cars sold at those dealerships. Yes image is important today…no doubt. But I think most buyers can…

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Make Vehicle Maintenance Part of Your Permanent Routine….

Once you purchase your new or used car…you need to keep it maintained for good auto health. In today’s world with the incredibly sophisticated complexities of all cars and trucks…you need a great mechanic to provide the maintenance that every vehicle needs. If you don’t keep up on oil changes and other routine items….your car…

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Why do Some Car Batteries last Longer than Others??

Car batteries have been made in relatively the same way for many years. Yes the cases are all plastic rather than a rubber-like plastic with a tar top. The internal “Plates” that actually perform most of the work of “Electrolysis” have been changed as well. The tops of most car batteries are also sealed or…

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