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New VS. Used Vehicle….What Should I do…???

When buying any New or Used Car,Truck or SUV, consider the time you will be keeping it…this really should play a major role in your decision… If you like to trade cars every 2 to 4 years…it may pay you… Continue reading

Ford’s F-150 Raptor is Back After a Two Year Absence

Ford’s F-150 Raptor is back….500 pounds lighter ,due to it’s now completely aluminum body. It’s huge, and is 7 feet wide….that’s right. Making it difficult to park and hard to navigate on City streets. It also has a very long… Continue reading

September Was a Very Good Month For New Car Sales

September re-bounded for new car sales …in a big way. People are feeling better about the economy, the country and the job opportunities  too. Real wages did go up very slightly as well. All this together is good for… Continue reading

Honda Re-Invents the Accord for 2018

Honda will bring out a new Accord for 2018. New body and engine. The initial offering will be a 1.5 l Turbo, producing 192 HP in the automatic version. It’s hitting showrooms now and will be followed by another Hybrid… Continue reading

All New Cars Are Wonderful….Some Are Just Better Than Others…

You may be saving for or contemplating a new car purchase…that’s a good thing, for both you and the economy. Cars, trucks and SUV’s are now made…better than ever. But….some vehicles are just better than others…yes this is true. And… Continue reading

Storm Damage to Vehicles in Florida…Will be Significant..!!

Even though the first reports of damage to Florida seem to be better than expected…there will be many vehicles damaged and totaled…unfortunately. So if we lost approximately 850,000 new and used vehicles in Texas….it could easily total 1 to 2… Continue reading

Texas Flood Cars Will Hit the Used Car Market….Guaranteed!!!

BE AWARE….A huge percentage of the flood cars….destroyed by the flood water around Houston…will come to Oregon and many,many other sates. Why you ask….because the Insurance companies don’t do the right thing. All cars totaled by these flood waters and… Continue reading

Lease an Exotic Car Rather Than Buy IT…..Makes Sense…Maybe?

You can lease any vehicle you want…new of course. But most people never think about leasing an expensive Exotic car. They can be hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy ..but far less to lease. The secret of leasing some… Continue reading

2017 Ferrari GTC Lusso….What a Car..!!

The new Farrari Lusso is a Luxury car….No doubt…but it also comes a a hefty price tag.  Six figures get you started…but the add ones just keeping on coming. Unlike the predacessor, FF series, this Ferrari is very luxurious….and… Continue reading

The Road to The Future of Automobile Power-trains…. is Very Uncertain….

For the last 10 years or so….many automakers…lead by Toyota…. have focused on Hybrid-Electric vehicles and then all- electric vehicles and then…Plug-in Electric vehicles. It was all so very forward looking, that the manufacturers forgot to ask the public is… Continue reading