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Manufacturers Are Ramping Up The Driverless Car Technology…

Today ALL manufacturers are rapidly moving toward the opening day of Driverless car sales. Tesla just sent me their new video of their driverless car. It looks impressive….but at what cost. Do you really want ot buy and be in… Continue reading

New 2017 Subaru Outback Ltd. has Style, Ride and Safety…!!

The new 2017 Outback Ltd. with the Eye-sight package is a great vehicle. It looks stylish, handles very well, it’s quiet on the road…plenty of power and it has all the safety features that you could want. It’s all here… Continue reading

New 2017 Chevy Cruze Diesel is a Winner…

the 2017 Chevy Cruze seems to be a winner. It is well made, has a lot of the newer safety features in it and gets pretty darn good fuel economy. But to say it is one of the best Chevy’s… Continue reading

2017 Civic is a Winner..!!

The Honda Civic has long been a very practical, safe and fuel efficient car….but it has always been a little short on styling. Well not any more…the NEW 2017 Civic has been re-styled in the image of a new fashion… Continue reading

2017 Prius Prime is a New Name…But is it Better??????

The 2017 Prius Prime is the new replacement for the Prius Plug-in. The plug in managed 14 miles on one battery charge. The NEW Prius Prime goes a whopping 25 miles on one plug-in..??? What am I missing here??? Is… Continue reading

Honda Hatch-Back is a Great Re-Design…For 2017

Honda has created a very roomy new 2-door ¬†hatchback for 2017. It has been 12 years since Honda had a 2-door, and this new version seems to have hit the mark…perfectly. It’s actually 4 inches shorter than the sedan…but… Continue reading

2017 Audi A4 Wagon is a great Ride…Carries 5 Passengers and all their Gear..!!

Audi has done it again. Their A4 wagon, which has been greatly improved for this year will be a hit with all. Audi always had a great wagon with the All-Road. This wagon is smooth, with plenty of power which… Continue reading

2018 New Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is Here…But in 2.3 Seconds …It’s Way Down There..!!

The incredibly fast and barely street legal 2018 Dodge Demon is here….NOW. Available at your local Doge store….Well almost. They are only going to make 3000 for US consumption. You will probably have to order it, and wait a while.… Continue reading

Sales of Cross-Overs is Skyrocketing…Up 34% This Year….

Cross-overs accounted for 33.9% of all vehicle sales the first quarter of 2017. 1.4 million out of 4 million total sales. It’s incredible how the segment is taking over. Everyone buying a car now wants a mini SUV…not a sedan… Continue reading

Jeep Compass is all New For 2017…!!

There actually are two jeep Compass’ for 2017…but one of them is the old body, a 2016 in reality. It is called an Altitude. It will be less money…but a lot less car. You should pick the new body version… Continue reading

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