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What’s the Best Car Wax on the Market?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to buying car wax. Unless you’ve been around an auto detail shop all your life…how’s the average guy or gal supposed to know which one really works the best and lasts… Continue reading

As the Price of Gasoline goes up…So can your Savings!

All of us are acutely aware of gas prices. Since the Fall, of 2006 the price of all grades of gasoline including Diesel has fluctuated wildly…sometimes without any real reason at all.
Since none of us can control the price… Continue reading

Used Car Market is Fast and Furious

If you’re in the market for a used car…any used car make or model, then you’ve also noticed a shortage of supply. We are in a very unusual time, when supply is far lower than demand. We’ve seen this happen… Continue reading

Hyundai and Kia May Have Just the Right Timing For You!!

Not sure whether Toyota’s the right choice right now?? Well You may have more great options than you realized by looking at Both Hyundai and Kia Motors.

But let’s take Hyundai for a moment. Edmunds.com says that the Hyundai Brand… Continue reading

Toyota’s Small Glitch….Turns into a Full Scale Emergency!

Toyota has had several “Quality” concerns over the last eight years. But none as serious as the present recall. Eight Toyota models have been placed on the “Do Not Sell List”.  At least until the defective accelerator part has… Continue reading

Cash for clunkers is over. As of 5pm on August 24th, no more rebates were accepted

But what was the outcome of this automotive “Feeding Frenzy”. Well let’s see…It was the highest and fastest selling 4and a half week selling period in automotive history! That’s really a good thing…I think? They claim that over 90 %… Continue reading

Cash for Clunker’s Is Here!!! Officially on July 24th…But you can make plans now!!!

Under a new Federal government program called "Car Allowance Rebate Program", you can get up to $4500 in an instant rebate voucher, when buying a new car. Any new car, truck or SUV qualifies as long as it meets the increased gas mileage requirements And was produced within the last 25 years. Continue reading

Borrowing money is possible despite what you hear on the news

Buying a new car when economic times are tough is NOT as impossible as you might think. There are great opportunities BECAUSE of the economic conditions. Continue reading
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