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Best Way to Buy Any Car…Do your Homework !!

It’s amazing the choices you have today for new car purchases. The number continues to grow with the entry of the Electrical vehicles(EV’S). Fiat will be here next year with small subcompact cars too. A new Camero convertable hits the market next May. There will be more Hybrid vehicles out as well. So how does…

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Auto Sales Pick Up…But Honda is Still Loosing Market Share!

Honda has been a constant “Super Star” in new and used car sales for over 25 years. They have made great products better and secured a fanatically loyal following. But this year has been different for Honda. They have actually lost 3 possibly even 4 percent in overall market share. They gambled with the “New”…

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Cadillac…”Standard of the World” and a Trophy to Prove it!

Cadillac created this motto in 1909. The year after they won the “Dewar Award” for creating cars with perfectly interchangeable parts. Three Cadillac models were given the challenge by the Royal Automobile Club of England. They challenged the American car company to a 500 mile endurance run. At the end of the run all three…

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With Used Car Shortage, Dealers are Keeping Higher Mile Cars

The last two years have been very challenging for the auto industry.Between the bankruptcy of GM and Chrysler and the lack of demand by the pubic, volume has taken a nose dive. With less volume, comes more problems. If people don’t buy, sell and trade their vehicles on a regular schedule…a used car shortage can…

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You Can’t Legislate People into Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Right now…All across the world, governments are legislating technology and alternative fuel power which may or may not be accepted by the public. The Chevy Volt is now here and I don’t think there is a backlog of orders. In fact the Volt may sit around…unsold, just like last year’s dress at Macy’s. Now that…

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Chevy Volt to Arrive Soon…But May be in Short Supply!

Chevrolet is going to place big  money into the ads of the New Chevy Volt. In fact the first ads will air during the upcoming baseball World Series. But the manufacturer will only be making 10,000 units through 2011. Not very many at all. That’s about 15 cars per Chevrolet dealer.  Only 650 of the…

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New Vehicle Oil Standards are Changing Quickly to Include 2011 GM Models!

Oil standards are changing quickly. Recently the International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC), upgraded the standard to GF-5 Specification. This means that the oil in your new car or soon to be oil change will be of a much higher quality. But you know what they say about quality…It comes at a price. Expect…

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More EV’s Are Coming Your Way By 2013

Between now and the new car introduction of 2013, no less than 3 more Electric Vehicles are scheduled to be on sale in the US. Electric Vehicles or EV’s are coming to your town now. Nissan will bring out the Leaf EV starting next month. Honda will bring out a commuter version of the Civic…

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