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Now You can Cruise in a NEW Chevy Cruze!

The New Chevy Cruze compact 4- cylinder car is a pretty amazing piece of engineering. It will place Chevrolet at the top of the economy list for  straight gasoline powered engines. You can cruise all day long on the… Continue reading

From 1950 to 2010…It’s Been Quite a Ride!

Way back in 1950…things were different. Cars were different, people were different. Almost anything you point to today either didn’t exist…or was brand new…your TV for example. Only 52% of all homes in the US had a TV. But virtually… Continue reading

See The USA Through A Covered Bridge this Summer

So what are your vacation plans this year? Don’t have any…well how about a covered bridge road trip!  That’s right there are still many covered bridges on many of America’s roads and biways. No…you won’t find them on the… Continue reading

The Viper Can’t Bite you Any More

The Dodge Viper which has been built since 1992 has run it’s course. Their last one was built Thursday July 1st, 2010. Many of these reside in the Jay Leno collection. One of the most powerful cars ever built by… Continue reading

Goodbuy to the PT Cruiser!

The PT Cruiser ,which has been built by  Chrysler Corp. since the year 2000… died on Friday July 9th. The car that got many Americans back in the seat of a “Fun” car again is gone forever. With Government… Continue reading

After 71 years…It’s Goodbye to Mercury!

The fun started way back in 1939. The NEW Mercury Division was created by Henry Ford Sr and Edsel Ford. It was a great idea to introduce an upscale Ford, but priced less than a Lincoln. The War years interupted… Continue reading

Want to find it fast on the Internet? Try This!

There is a little known website, or at least it was to me. It’s called … OODLE.COM. If you already know about it,great. But it’s new to me and a vary interesting site.

You plug anything into it just like… Continue reading

What New Car is Right For You?

With the price of gas falling, once again, many people are beginning to wonder what size car they really should buy? If you don’t need a lot of space for kids, camping gear and other stuff. You might want to… Continue reading

What’s the Best Car Wax on the Market?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to buying car wax. Unless you’ve been around an auto detail shop all your life…how’s the average guy or gal supposed to know which one really works the best and lasts… Continue reading

As the Price of Gasoline goes up…So can your Savings!

All of us are acutely aware of gas prices. Since the Fall, of 2006 the price of all grades of gasoline including Diesel has fluctuated wildly…sometimes without any real reason at all.
Since none of us can control the price… Continue reading

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