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Fisker Automotive Hires Tony Posawatz, as it’s New Chief engineer!!

In a quick move two weeks ago, Henrik Fisker, fired Tom LaSorda, former CEO of Chrysler Corp. and hired former Chevy Volt chief engineer, Tony Posawatz as the “New” Chief engineer at Fisker. The move was unexpected and no reason… Continue reading

Smartphone Technology is Coming to a Car Near You!

GM is going to offer “new” smartphone technology on the 2013 Chevy Sonic and Spark vehicles. The applications are being created by BringGo technology, in the Silicon Valley.The application will display maps on the Chevy infotainment screen. many companies are… Continue reading

Chrysler, Jeep Dodge Dealers repairing V-6 Pentastar Engine!!

Many of the “New” Chrysler Corp. Pentastar V-6 Fuel efficient engines are having trouble with their head. Cylinder head that is. There are hundreds of complaints to Chrysler and several hundred cars in for repair at many Chrysler, Jeep Dodge… Continue reading

Honda CR-V is a Perfect Match for the Northwest Weather

The Honda CR-V has been beautifully updated for the 2012 model year. The new all wheel drive version, is totally computer controlled to balance drive between the front and rear drive axles..The new system, more quickly sends power to the… Continue reading

Best Used Car Bets Carry no Real Surprises

According to Edmunds.com the winner of the Full sized truck segment in Used vehicles between 2005 and 2010 is the Ford F-150. It’s been the leader in sales for a long time. The BMW 3 Series is the best in… Continue reading

June Sales End with Fireworks…!!

The last half of June was a great time for new and used car sales. But especially “New” car sales, according to the latest tabulation by Automotive News.Based on the sales rate of new cars in June, total sales might… Continue reading

Would You Spend $5,286.00 to advertise your car??

Well that’s exactly what Fiat of America is doing to get you to buy a new Fiat 500!! Is this really true. Yes. According to Automotive news, this is exactly what’s happening. So why so much money to advertise such… Continue reading

2014 Jeep to have a Diesel Engine Option!

Coming next January, 2013 the Jeep Grand Cherokee will have an available 3.0L V-6 diesel engine available for you driving pleasure.The new diesel option will be rated at 23 City and 33 Hwy. It will also have 241 HP available… Continue reading

Honda and GM will use new Siri Voice technology!!

OK, so you have the new Apple IPhone with Siri voice recognition technology….pretty cool. But what if you had that in the car too without your IPhone??? Well it’s coming, and very soon. Both Honda and GM have made it… Continue reading

New Scion FR-S is Moving You Forward with Fun, Speed and Excitement!!

Just when you thought that Scion was going stale…meet the New Scion FR-S. It’s the joint venture project between Subaru and Toyota. According to the experts…it more than measures up to the test on and off the track. If you… Continue reading