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Today Marks the 100th Birthday Of Chevrolet Motor Division

It was exactly 100 years ago today, November 3, 1911 that Billy Durant, then Chairman of the newly formed General Motors, founded the Chevrolet Motor Division of his company. The name taken from the man that actually invented the Chevrolet,… Continue reading



The nicest GM pickup truck you will find for the money!, Equipped with all the right equipment including super fuel efficient 4.3L V6 engine, automatic transmission, 8 foot bed, ice cold air conditioning, AM/FM stereo with… Continue reading

Auto Production Creeps Back Up…Slowly…

The painfully slow growth of the economy is having it’s effect on car sales too. Along with the residual fallout of the Japanese earthquake from last March, we are making slow progress. Sales may increase to an annualized 13 million… Continue reading



There comes a time when you would love a brand new American made Vette but cannot see yourself paying $60K for a new one…so then you wonder what should you do until you … Continue reading

Tire makers Get Grants to Boost Fuel Economy

The U.S. Department of Energy is giving out grants to three major tire manufacturers to study ways of improving the passenger car tire. Cooper will aim to cut the weight of the tire to improve fuel economy by as much… Continue reading

Volt vs. Leaf What’s the Difference….Read on

The Nissan leaf and the Chevy Volt are running about neck and neck in sales numbers. They seem to go back and forth every other month. But are the cars the same? No, not at all. The Leaf is totally… Continue reading

Consumers Have Turned Cautious with More Bad Economic News

Many people were just about to jump back into the car market again, but then the market tanked and the news from Europe became increasingly worse. Many are now pulling back from and New or Used car purchase. Even though… Continue reading

Brace Yourself For the Next Big Shock Wave…Even Fewer Used Cars!!

With the meltdown of Lehman Bros. In Sept. 2008, the new car buying market dried up. The market crashed and so did many banks across the country. People lost millions in retirement and savings accounts. The cash flow went to… Continue reading

New 2012 Civic takes a Hit in Overall Satisfaction!

The “New” Honda Civic has taken quite a hit from Consumer Report’s Top 12 Compact car recommendations for 2012. The Civic came in second to last. Only the new Jetta was below it. Since the Japanese earthquake, both Honda and… Continue reading

Mazda Says “Goodbye” to RX8

It’s official… the rotary engine RX8 finished production in July. The novel 1.3 litre, 232 HP engine has been the workhorse of this car since the early 80’s. The final numbers are not in, but Mazda will probably only sell… Continue reading

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