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Would You Spend $5,286.00 to advertise your car??

Well that’s exactly what Fiat of America is doing to get you to buy a new Fiat 500!! Is this really true. Yes. According to Automotive news, this is exactly what’s happening. So why so much money to advertise such… Continue reading

2014 Jeep to have a Diesel Engine Option!

Coming next January, 2013 the Jeep Grand Cherokee will have an available 3.0L V-6 diesel engine available for you driving pleasure.The new diesel option will be rated at 23 City and 33 Hwy. It will also have 241 HP available… Continue reading

Honda and GM will use new Siri Voice technology!!

OK, so you have the new Apple IPhone with Siri voice recognition technology….pretty cool. But what if you had that in the car too without your IPhone??? Well it’s coming, and very soon. Both Honda and GM have made it… Continue reading

New Scion FR-S is Moving You Forward with Fun, Speed and Excitement!!

Just when you thought that Scion was going stale…meet the New Scion FR-S. It’s the joint venture project between Subaru and Toyota. According to the experts…it more than measures up to the test on and off the track. If you… Continue reading

A Thousand “Rev” Salute for one of the Greatest Car Men in History…Carroll Shelby

On May 30th at 7pm Pacific, There was a 1200 engine roar and salute to the Great one…Carroll Shelby. Shelby who passed away on May 10th, at age 89, was certainly a car man all the way. A great racer… Continue reading

Ford Didn’t Build Enough Product, Now They are Playing Catch-Up!

Ford executives underestimated the strength of the Domestic market at the end of last year. Productiopn did not increase accordingly and they are paying for it now.Ford’s market share dropped 1.4%in the first quarter of 2012. Not the way you… Continue reading

First Fiat-Chrysler Joint Venture…the Dodge Dart!

So finally after almost 2 years of waiting…we will have a new vehicle called the Dodge Dart. For those of you to young to remember…it’s the same name used back in 1967. This joint venture, between Chrysler and Fiat on… Continue reading

GM Will Take a Five Month Vacation from Building Trucks…. to Re-Tool for 2013

It’s going to be a long ,Hot and Truck Dry Summer this year for GM. They discontinue building trucks in a couple of weeks. They will not resume until December of this year. Many dealers are worried about the lack… Continue reading

All Auto Sectors Post Strong gains and Profits in the First Quarter

No surprise…with the strong sales that everyone in the auto biz felt in January, February and March…profits are way up as well. Suppliers too, are having a record quarter. Best since the crash of 2008. The automotive sector regained major… Continue reading

Hybrids and EV Sales take off again in March!

The public really has no clear message about the price of gas that will force them to by smaller or smarter. But with the price of gas hovering between $4.00 and $5.00 …the Hybrid market and EV market, became very… Continue reading

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