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Check Everything…Before Buying a Used Car…!!

Buying any used car can be a little stressful. Especially when it does not have any warranty left…and is not a “Certified Used” car. When you have no warranty…YOU must due even more due diligence than usual. First of all Go thru a Broker. They know the dealers and the cars. They will steer you…

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All Hybrid Vehicles are a Bargain Right Now!!!!

With the price of gas being very stable the last three years…the public has transferred their interest to SUV’s. In fact Ford just announced that they are going to cancel most of their sedan production in favor of SUV’s. Wow who would have thought this possible just 5 years ago. If this happens it will…

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There are so Many Vehicles Out There……Which One do I Choose…????

Today, the new car buyer has so many options and vehicles to buy….that it can become overwhelming. Of course…most of us still have to stay within a budget amount, so this is usually the first determining factor. But if you establish a budget of $25,000 for a new car…you can still have several choices to…

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Mecum Classic Car Auction in Portland Was Fun..!!!!

This last weekend, Mecum Classic Car Auctioneers came to Portland. Starting on Friday at 10am….the roar and the rumble of big muscle car engines filled the auction arena. It was non-stop action until 5:30 on Friday and then right back at it at 10am again on Saturday. What a great weekend. My Son and I…

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Make Your Next Car a New Car….

You know I’m often asked whether to buy a new car or a used car,,,,It’s ultimately up to you…but here’s my natural guideline….. If you’re going to keep the car 6-8 years or longer….I would recommend a NEW car…why?? Because the depreciation on a new car in 8 years is really not that much more…

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Honda Odyssey Still Selling Well after all These Years….

When you consider how long it’s been, since the inception of the mini-can by Lee Iaccoca….1980…it makes you wonder how they have survived this long with the public. Well for one, they are tremendously versatile and convenient. Carrying up to 8 passengers is a huge bonus today. Many families need the extra room to carry…

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Buying a Collector Car Can Be An Interesting and Fun Experience….!

No matter what kind of Car, Truck or SUV you are looking for…an Auto Broker can probably help you. It’s difficult to know everything about the buying process when it comes time to buy a regular transportation vehicle. So many cars…so many dealers that offer you a “Great Deal”. How do you know who to…

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Ford All But Abandons the Great American Automobile….

Ford has decided that the car is DEAD….that’s right….you won’t be able to buy a Ford Focus, Fusion Fiesta or possible even a Taurus after 2022. It’s their idea of creating higher profits by selling only SUV style cars. Now I don’t know about you….but unless I’m mistaken….there are still a lot of “CARS” on…

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2018 Hyundai Santa Fe is a Good Cross-Over Choice…!!

Cross-over’s are now the American Dream Machine….forget your standard family sedan….no one can give them away. Boy the public really is fickle..!!But if the small SUV strikes your fancy….then you need to take a good look at the new Hyundai Santa Fe. It’s $2000 Value Package is a great add. It has  all the right…

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