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GM Had the First Thought of a Self-Driving Car…!!

Back in 1956, GM created the Firebird II. A futuristic, jet-like, titanium-bodied, bubble-top car that was going to be the car of the future…why…because it was going to drive by itself at times on the open road. This was a George Jetson concept to be sure. But the idea of a car using sensors in…

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2015 Corvette Just barely misses 30 mpg on the Highway…!!!

It’s a rare thing that an automaker revises an mpg rating …downward…but that’s exactly what General Motors just did. The 2014 Corvette is rated at 29 mpg on the highway…not 30.  In actual testing on the road, the Corvette achieved 29.42 mpg. Close enough for many carmakers to fudge it up to 30…but not GM.…

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Do Nitrogen Filled Tires Actually Perform Better??

Nitrogen in tires has been around for about 10 years or so. It may well have started with Costco…on the West Coast. Scientifically it may sound like it makes sense. The idea is that Nitrogen gas is supposed to be less susceptible to changes in the atmospheric pressure. Therefore sustaining the same tire pressure for…

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2014 Ford Fiesta ST is a Hot Compact…!!

All Fiesta’s From Ford are good…but when you hit the top of the food chain with the ST…You have definitely arrived at the performance stop. It’s a 5-door hatchback that just keeps on performing. loaded with a 1.6 litre turbo-charged engine…it rockets to stardom making 197 hp coupled to a 6-speed manual transmission. The dash…

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New Cars Have Several Different Price Points….

If you’re looking for a New Car…you have a lot of choices. If your looking for the least expensive New Car…then it narrows down quickly.Unfortunately…the lowest cost new cars are going to come from Hyundai and Kia…Sorry folks that’s just the way it is. The Big Three are going to have vehicles that will cost…

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Dodge Challenger Hellcat takes Muscle …….Seriously..!!

It’s coming…and it’s all new…The 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat. That’s right, it’s a 707 hp 6.2 litre V-8 Hemi engine…and it means business. There will be shakeup the third quarter of this year….the Dodge Challenger will be out in it’s new form….eight different forms to be exact. You’ll have a lot of choice for power…

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Leasing vs. Purchase of a New Car….

When considering a New car, truck or SUV…you might want to weigh the benefits of leasing it. In the last two years…leasing has come roaring back to be a nice advantage..if it fits your situation. If you can write off your transportation payment each month… leasing might be a great option. Leasing can now be…

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New 2014 Corvette is the Best Vette Ever!!!

The all new 2014 Corvette Stingray is the “Best Vette Ever”. Yes the Stingray name is back..and it should be. With a 6.2 litre V-8 engine, 455 hp and 0-60 times under 4 seconds….you’ll be the “King of the Hill” in your neighborhood. Oh and did I mention that it gets 30 miles per gallon…

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