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A New Hybrid Vehicle can be a Bargin Right Now…!!

With the price of gas at far lower levels than 2 years ago…it makes sense to buy a Hybrid and save thousands of dollars in the process…..Here’s how it works. Hybrids are a good way to save fuel on gas mileage…sepecially on SUV’s. So now that the price of fuel is down and the price…

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Driverless Cars Could Replace you…Yes They Could..!!

We all see the commercials on TV for the self-parking and driverless cars…but most of us laugh and say it will never take over. We further say that most won’t pay for or can not afford to buy those accessories. In fact most people probably don’t even want this technology to succeed..??? well maybe yes…

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Three Important Tips on Buying a Used Car..!!

If you’re going to buy used…better do three things. 1. Hire an Auto Broker. They know all the dealers, cars and what to buy and NOT to buy. 2. Have it checked out by your favorite mechanic…such as Metro Car Care, Portland. They will do a thorough inspection of all the vital systems on the…

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Cadillac Tries to Re-Make Itself…..Again…

For the last 10 years….Cadillac has tried to re-make itself in the spirit of German engineering….well…..that hasn’t worked out too good. Like Lincoln Motor Company …without the parent…GM or Ford in that case…the patient would have died on the table many years ago. The German engineering is probably better left to the Germans….and even they…

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It’s the 50th Anniversary of the Hot Wheels Camaro…!!

It was 50 years ago this year… that Matel Toys Co-Founder Elliot Handler, commissioned a toy for boyss, that became as popular as the Barbie doll was for girls. The Hot Wheels line of toy cars..!! And the Camaro was the first car to be made. A blue RS Camaro to be exact. The line…

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Buying an Inexpensive Used Car is a Delicate Business…..

It’s easy to go down to your local dealer and buy a NEW car. It’s under full warranty. 0 miles. You get your color and all the options you want…right on the spot. But what about a used car..???? There is no used car factory for any of us. No magical way to :wish: the…

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The Best Auction week in Monterey, California History….Ever..!!!

It was quit a week in Monterey…Mecum Auctions, Southerby’s Auction, RM Auctions and two others were present to find new homes for the cars of the “Rich and Famous”. And boy did they….Ferrari’s, Lamborgini’s, Aston-Martin’s and of course Packards, Cadillacs and a host of others…made their way to the auction block. Over 85% found new…

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When Buying an EV Vehicle….The Only Thing That Really Counts is Range…!!

The manufacturers are doing everything they can to show you great “Mileage” in an Electric Vehicle (EV). But you know ….that is not the way to look at the abilities of an EV. Remember the mileage calculation ws devised for gas burning cars….NOT EV’s. The conversion chart…or whatever they call it…is pretty much…slight of hand.…

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