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Chrysler Announces Plans to Make ALL Jeep Wranglers in Toledo, Ohio…!!

The most popular Jeep ever built…the Jeep Wrangler…will be produced exclusively in Toledo, OH., beginning the first Quarter of 2018. Production will double to 350,000 units per year…apparently the demand is there. The Jeep Cherokee is currently being built in… Continue reading

Toyota Begins It’s Certified Pre-Owned Lease Program Now….

Prior to the Meltdown of 2008….there were car companies that offered pre-owned lease programs….namely Mercedes-Benz and BMW. But when everything crashed in the economy…so did CPO leasing….Until now.Toyota begins this new program for themselves and becomes the first to offer… Continue reading

When is a New Car Sale….Not a Sale???

The auto industry is getting aggressive and cocky again. Now that we have “Recovered” from the recession of 2009…they have turned up the heat on sales. Fleet sales have certainly taken off again…all the manufacturers are getting in the act… Continue reading

After the VW Diesel Scandle….the Fed’s Are Double-Checking ALL Tests…!!

When VW cheated the world and particularly the US buyer’s on the Diesel testing…it inadvertently set the bar higher for all emissions tests in the US. The EPA, in Michigan is now taking about 30-45 days extra on every new… Continue reading

GM is Pressing It’s Smallest Cadillac Stores to go Virtual Only…!!

In an effort to make more money, cut inventories and costs for both GM and it’s Cadillac dealers, the head of Cadillac is proposing Virtual podiums inside the smallest Cadillac stores for ordering new cars. You would no longer have… Continue reading

Honda in More Hot Water….2016 Civic Engines Are Flawed….!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Honda…this happens. The engines in the brand new 2016 Civics can stop and fail for no apparent reason. There is a new bulleting out from Honda and a subsequent recall… Continue reading

New Nissan Maxima is a Great Car…!!

Nissan has completely redesigned the 2016 Maxima…it’s all new and all good. The new design sets it apart from it’s little brother the Altima. The Maxima’s roofline is slightly lower, sleeker and sexier than the rest of the lineup.

The… Continue reading

The Toyota Prius Has Been on a Roller Coaster Since 2011..!!

In 2011 Toyota management added the Prius C and the Prius V to the line-up. It seemed to make a lot of sense back then. In fact the President of Toyota loudly boasted that the Prius family would be the… Continue reading

2016 Dodge Challenger is Dynomite..!!

The new Dodge Challenger is a great car. With only two doors it is still comfortable and easy for two adults to get into the back seat. It has a 6.4 liter engine which makes 475 HP. It is LOUD… Continue reading

Consumers often Pass on Recall Announcements….

Believe it or not….as many as half the consumers involved in a recall on their car…never bother to take it in and fix it!! Sound crazy?? Well many people just ignore a recall if they determine it to be minor… Continue reading

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