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New Honda Ridgeline is ALL New For 2017

New styling is the key to the New Honda Ridgeline truck. It’s a far better looking vehicle and is more mainstream for most buyer’s. The front fascia is a clone of the old Pilot look…which is unusual for a style… Continue reading

2016 Redesigned Chevy Camero is….Better..or Not..??????

The new Camero is now even smaller than before. And the “Greenhouse” the glass area, is even shorter than last year. It’s smaller inside with considerably less room to move. The interior surfaces are the same plastic touch. I’m wondering… Continue reading

New Large Van Sales…Outpace the Industry..!!

Since 2012..large van sales, like the 2016 Ford Transit have been the leader in the sales game. Large vans can now account for about 20% of dealership sales. That’s incredible. Ford and Ram both have the much larger vans available… Continue reading

More Automakers Added to the List of False Mileage reports….

Well the Feds have contacted Mercedes-Benz about a supposed”Slip-Up” in their mileage calculations. This would affect 100’s of thousands of their cars. Mitsubishi has just admitted that they were “wrong” about over 600,000 of their cars and the fuel mileage… Continue reading

Kuni Dealership Group Sold to Holman Dealership Group from New Jersey…

The Kuni Empire¬† is just about gone….the details of the sale will not be released, but the Kuni name will soon fade to Holman. Things are about to change in the Kuni world.

These changes are rarely for the… Continue reading

Want a Fast Car…..Buy a Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack….This One is Hot..!!!

The best kept secret in the USA is the Dodge Charger Scat Pack 6.4L Hemi. It’s 485 HP are more than enough to set you free. It’s the fastest production sedan made in the USA. I didn’t even realize that… Continue reading

Lease a New Car…Rates and Monthly Payments are Attractive..!!!

Leasing a New Car is a good way to go now. The implied interest rates are low and that makes your monthly payment very attractive against ownership, right now.

All manufacturers are offering great deals on many of their models.… Continue reading

Chrysler Announces Plans to Make ALL Jeep Wranglers in Toledo, Ohio…!!

The most popular Jeep ever built…the Jeep Wrangler…will be produced exclusively in Toledo, OH., beginning the first Quarter of 2018. Production will double to 350,000 units per year…apparently the demand is there. The Jeep Cherokee is currently being built in… Continue reading

Toyota Begins It’s Certified Pre-Owned Lease Program Now….

Prior to the Meltdown of 2008….there were car companies that offered pre-owned lease programs….namely Mercedes-Benz and BMW. But when everything crashed in the economy…so did CPO leasing….Until now.Toyota begins this new program for themselves and becomes the first to offer… Continue reading

When is a New Car Sale….Not a Sale???

The auto industry is getting aggressive and cocky again. Now that we have “Recovered” from the recession of 2009…they have turned up the heat on sales. Fleet sales have certainly taken off again…all the manufacturers are getting in the act… Continue reading

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