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The Price of Your New Truck Keeps Going thru the Roof..!!

The economy has improved quite a bit since the meltdown of 2008…and so have prices on all commodities. Trucks are selling very well again, and there is no limit to the  equipment you can get on them.

Virtually every… Continue reading

With New Technology…Comes New Problems….Hacking.!!

It was a morning just like any other in St. Louis last week…except for one thing….A motorist/client of Jeep was about to experience the joys of having someone else “Do the driving for them”! With no warning at all…the cars… Continue reading

Shift Your Automatic Transmission, to Help Your Driving…

For about the last 10 years or so, most automatic transmissions, have had the ability to be shifted manually on the fly. Why would you want to do this?? Well think about your driving conditions on a hill, either driving… Continue reading

2015 Dodge Charger SRT8 Hellcat…Is Hell on Wheels…!!

The new Dodge Charger SRT8 Hellcat is just what the name implies. At 707 hp monster wrapped up in a 6.2 litre supercharged V-8…it’s a wonder it can stay on the ground. Well it does and thanks in great part… Continue reading

When to Service The Air Conditioning System in My Car??

The owner’s manual in your glove box, is a great reference for almost everything, including the air conditioning unit. But sometimes the intervals for service may actually be too long between visits. Especially when the Summer starts out like ours… Continue reading

Can Tire Pressure affect MPG on Your Vehicle..??

Yes it can. Most vehicle tires…are designed to carry a 35 lb pressure…at full inflation. This is also the optimum pressure to run for best tire wear and miles per gallon. If you allow the pressure to drop…in any of… Continue reading

GM is Re-Styling The Malibu and Cruze…but is it Going to Pay…??

GM is gambling that a major re-do on both the Malibu and Cruze…will spur sales and increase margins and profits on both cars. But the market  has turned funny in the last couple of months…New cars are selling…but dealers… Continue reading

What About Your Oil Pressure Gauge??

Whether you drive a classic car or a brand new car…many of these will have an actual “Oil Gauge” to read oil pressure. There was a stretch in the seventies and early eighties that manufacturers put “Idiot” lights on the… Continue reading

If I have an Engine Knock…Is It Serious??

Engines knocks are not something you want to hear…but some are worse than others. There is an easy way for you or your mechanic to check out the noise…without opening up the engine. An inexpensive mechanics stethoscope will do the… Continue reading

Chevrolet Says …..Z28 May Come Back Again in Camaro line-up For 2016….

It’s been a long time since the Z28 nameplate was offered in a Camaro by Chevrolet…But it’s likely to happen again ..next year. The original was a 1969 Z28 with a 302 cu.in. V-8 engine. But it made 480 hp.… Continue reading

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