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Make Vehicle Maintenance Part of Your Permanent Routine….

Once you purchase your new or used car…you need to keep it maintained for good auto health. In today’s world with the incredibly sophisticated complexities of all cars and trucks…you need a great mechanic to provide the maintenance that every vehicle needs. If you don’t keep up on oil changes and other routine items….your car…

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Why do Some Car Batteries last Longer than Others??

Car batteries have been made in relatively the same way for many years. Yes the cases are all plastic rather than a rubber-like plastic with a tar top. The internal “Plates” that actually perform most of the work of “Electrolysis” have been changed as well. The tops of most car batteries are also sealed or…

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Fewer New Cars and Trucks Are Being Manufactured

Believe it or not….there are fewer NEW cars and trucks being manufactured. It probably stems from the dismal start we had to the new year….in the Stock market. It crashed and many thought it was going to burn. Well fortunately they were wrong. In fact the run up from March thru today is remarkable. New…

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Electronic Power Steering is the Future…and it’s Here Now!!

Electronic assist power steering has been around for a few years. At first it was a little soft or mushy. There was not a good clear “road feeling” when you drove the car. Today people expect instant response and handling from any car they buy. Having any type of perceived play in the wheel is…

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Ford’s F-150 Truck Still Claims Sales Leadership!

According to Ford…it’s F-150 has been the sales leader for new trucks…34 years in a row….but what a difference three decades can make. In 1982, the price of an F-150 was just $7692……that might sound reasonable…but were you around back then…it was a chunk of change. Fast forward to 2016…guess what….now you’ll spend $67,270.00…How’s that…

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Elio Motors Displays a Road Ready E-Series Car in Detroit Last Week

Paul Elio, CEO of Elio Motors displayed the latest prototype of his new E-Series car to begin production early nest year in 2017. Elio said that this version , is getting very close to a production model. This prototype is going to determine the final changes we make to the production vehicle. Production is scheduled…

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The New 2017 Kia Sportage Has an All New Design

The 2017 Kia Sportage debuted in Frankfort last month. It has a lot of re-design work and new technology. The front headlights, fog lights and grill are completely different. The sheet metal has undergone some modest changes…and from the side it appears about the same as the last model. But the rear now takes on…

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2016 Jeep Renegade is Both Refined and Aggressive….

Well the new Cross-over Jeep Renegade is a real catch. It’s heritage goes back to the old Jeep Wrangler TJ of the 70’s. And the hot color Renegade Orange is  a direct descendant of the 1976 CJ5. But having mentioned these nostalgic items…that’s where the old stops and the New Jeep starts. The Trail Hawk…

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