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It’s the 50th Anniversary of the Hot Wheels Camaro…!!

It was 50 years ago this year… that Matel Toys Co-Founder Elliot Handler, commissioned a toy for boyss, that became as popular as the Barbie doll was for girls. The Hot Wheels line of toy cars..!! And the Camaro was… Continue reading

Buying an Inexpensive Used Car is a Delicate Business…..

It’s easy to go down to your local dealer and buy a NEW car. It’s under full warranty. 0 miles. You get your color and all the options you want…right on the spot. But what about a used car..???? There… Continue reading

The Best Auction week in Monterey, California History….Ever..!!!

It was quit a week in Monterey…Mecum Auctions, Southerby’s Auction, RM Auctions and two others were present to find new homes for the cars of the “Rich and Famous”. And boy did they….Ferrari’s, Lamborgini’s, Aston-Martin’s and of course Packards, Cadillacs… Continue reading

Many of Your Favorite Classic Cars are Available at The Mecum Auction in Monterey…Right Now…!!!

Starting today and running thru this Sunday….the Mecum Auction Company  is holding their 11th Annual Auction in Monterey, California. It’s filled with classic  Muscle cars and very high end Exotics which will fetch millions of dollars in some… Continue reading

When Buying an EV Vehicle….The Only Thing That Really Counts is Range…!!

The manufacturers are doing everything they can to show you great “Mileage” in an Electric Vehicle (EV). But you know ….that is not the way to look at the abilities of an EV. Remember the mileage calculation ws devised for… Continue reading

Check Everything…Before Buying a Used Car…!!

Buying any used car can be a little stressful. Especially when it does not have any warranty left…and is not a “Certified Used” car. When you have no warranty…YOU must due even more due diligence than usual. First of all… Continue reading

All Hybrid Vehicles are a Bargain Right Now!!!!

With the price of gas being very stable the last three years…the public has transferred their interest to SUV’s. In fact Ford just announced that they are going to cancel most of their sedan production in favor of SUV’s. Wow… Continue reading

There are so Many Vehicles Out There……Which One do I Choose…????

Today, the new car buyer has so many options and vehicles to buy….that it can become overwhelming. Of course…most of us still have to stay within a budget amount, so this is usually the first determining factor. But if you… Continue reading

Mecum Classic Car Auction in Portland Was Fun..!!!!

This last weekend, Mecum Classic Car Auctioneers came to Portland. Starting on Friday at 10am….the roar and the rumble of big muscle car engines filled the auction arena. It was non-stop action until 5:30 on Friday and then right back… Continue reading

Make Your Next Car a New Car….

You know I’m often asked whether to buy a new car or a used car,,,,It’s ultimately up to you…but here’s my natural guideline…..

If you’re going to keep the car 6-8 years or longer….I would recommend a NEW car…why?? Because… Continue reading

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